The Old Town of Chicken

During the Time of Tisha

School was in session in Chicken from 1925 to 1928, and again in 1950 and 1951 in Chicken, when enough children resided in the community to warrant the hiring of a teacher by the territorial government. Anne Purdy taught there during the 1927-28 school year. The novel, Tisha, focuses on Anne's first year of teaching in Chicken, and has become quite popular on both the national and international levels, although local residents have responded less enthusiastically to it.

These pictures are of the ghost town today, and the current Purdy house. The map below shows the town as it was in 1928.

The Schoolhouse
Originally the Chicken Creek Hotel,
this building used to be two stories.

The Store
One of many building belonging to John Powers
(AKA Mr. Strong in Tisha

Anne Purdy's House
Anne Purdy lived here with her daughter Lynn.
Lynn continues to summer here.

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